Menu 2016

In addition to the menu we offer a small menu with the suggestions of the

day, let us guide and enjoy!

Starters from the Land

Culatello ham with burrata cheese and cherry tomatoes

Bresaola (seasoned beef) with citrus and parmesan cheese

Buffalo mozzarella caprese salad with anchovies

Grilled mixed vegetables with grilled local cheese

Small beef fillet tartare steak with black truffles 

Starters from the sea

Tray with local raw seafood (min. for two)each pers

Fresh local scampi marinated or grilled

Home marinated wild Canadian salmon 

Selection of our Chef’s seafood starters (min. for two)x pers

Selection of smoked tuna, salmon and sword fish

Sautèe calamari with zucchini 

Bottarga (dried grey mullet eggs) with celery

Tender Octopus salad Olive Oil&lemon

Cantabrian sea anchovies fillets with stracciatella cheese 

Our home made pasta

From the land

Tortelli verdi (raviolis with green stuffing in butter sauce)

Tortelli di zucca (pumpkin stuffed raviolis in butter sauce)

Cappelletti in brodo (Tortellini in meat stock)

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (fresh noodles in bolognaise sauce)

Agnolotti di brasato in salsa di noci (Tortellini with brasato filling in nut sauce)


From the sea

Spaghetto all’Astice(Spaghetti with Maine Lobster)

Tentazioni del cardinale

(black and red noodles with prawns and rocket salad) 

Farfalline (Boe-ties of celery pasta with clams and grey mullet eggs) 

Spaghetti with clams and bottarga 

Main courses

From the land

Filetto di angus (Angus beef fillet in balsamic or green pepper sauce) 

Tagliata di filetto (Sliced roast beef with oyster mushrooms ) 

Carpaccio con sedano e Reggiano (Raw sliced beef fillet with celery and 24 months parmesan)

Grigliata Spinnaker (Assortment of meats,vegetables and cheese grilled) 

Nodino di vitello burro e salvia tartufo (Veal loin butter and sage black truffles) 

Beef entrecote with sautèe potatoes 

From the sea

The local fresh tuna in your favourite style. Choose between grilled or raw carpaccio style or tartar style 

Catch of the day (Grilled, salt crust or oven)x 100 gr.

Swoord fish steak Sicilian style

Grigliata mista (Mixed grilled of fish and crustaceos*)min. x 2 pers. X 100 gr.

Aragosta alla catalana (Local rock lobster in Catalan style) x 100 gr. 

Grigliata all’Algherese*

(seafood grilled garnished with tomatoes and lemon peel)

Gran fritto alla Frasconi ( Mixed fried squids and seafood) min. x 2 pers.


  • Prawns and baby lobster could be frozen

Mixed salads or Potatoes (sautèe or fried )or side order of grilled vegetables or steamed vegetables

Home made desserts


Creme brulèe

Mousse chocolate

Tartufo bianco casalingo

(White truffle with mascarpone cheese and hot chocolate)

Seadas (fried crepes with sheep cheese and honey)

Cestino primavera (chantilly,strawberries and whipped cream in biscuit)

Zuppa inglese

Fresh pineapple 

Assortment of ice cream